Everything Bernie Sanders Wants To Give You For Free

Courtesy of NPR Courtesy of NPR

The Banking System Will Be Reborn

The final thing that Sanders wants to give you is a new banking system. Sanders wants to break-up big banks, claiming that this will help prevent another global financial crisis. Perhaps someone should tell him that the banks have already put policies in place to prevent this? Regardless, this is just the latest in Sander’s attack on Wall Street. After all, someone must pay for all his gifts. It’s also expected that he will raise taxes on the wealthy. Making the people who spent years accumulating their wealth through hard work and investments pay for the those who spent years working on their computer games skills. Well, there you have it. A quick overview of Sander’s financial policies. So, get ready because in 2020 Bernie Sanders, like a more boring Santa Claus, is bringing you a truckload of free presents.
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