Old School Skills That Are Quietly Dying Out

Marriage vs. Common-law: Evolving Family Dynamics in the Modern Age

A century ago, the societal norm was clear-cut: marriage was an almost universal expectation. Fast-forward to today, the concept of family has significantly diversified. The modern era, brimming with an overwhelming array of choices made accessible through technology like dating apps, contrasts sharply with the more limited interpersonal interactions of the 1920s. This surfeit of options, combined with a prevailing sense of individualism, has led numerous millennials to postpone marriage, with some forgoing it entirely. In our contemporary liberal milieu, traditional marriage often lacks the allure it once held. As a result, cohabitation, civil partnerships, and common-law marriages are on the rise. Whereas the older generation, the baby boomers, might have endured unsatisfactory marriages for societal approval, the younger generation faces fewer impediments to ending relationships that no longer serve them.