The Best And Worst States To Retire In

Alaska: Rank 50

Retiring in Alaska may seem like a dream, with its abundance of natural beauty, wildlife, and outdoor activities. However, there are several drawbacks to consider before settling in the state. The cost of living in Alaska is much higher than the national average. Rent and taxes are expensive, while food and transportation costs are also higher than in other states. In addition, the climate is harsh and unpredictable, with temperatures varying drastically throughout the year. This can make it difficult to plan or participate in recreational activities. The state also has a limited job market, meaning that many retirees may struggle to find part-time employment opportunities. And due to its remote location, many medical facilities and hospitals are not up to the same standards as in other states. Finally, Alaska is home to many dangerous wild animals, such as bears and moose. These animals pose a danger to both people and property, making it important for retirees to stay vigilant at all times.

State Alaska
Sharecare Wellbeing Index 59
Zillow Average Home Value $339,201
Senior Healthcare Rankings -0.384
Violent Crime Per 100K 838
State & Local Taxes 4.60%
Annual Avg. Temp (ºF) 29.1
Cost of Living Index 131.9