30 Club Rules All Hells Angels Have To Obey

30. Don’t ask to join

Asking to join the Hells Angels is a great way to make sure that will never happen. They don't take applications, and they certainly don't accept people as members if those individuals are asking to join the club. They will turn back people who ask them to join in, and that is why the only people who are permitted to join the Hells Angels are those who aren't going to ask to join the club in the first place.

You don't have to worry about getting a spot in the club if you are actively asking to join the Hells Angels. What you can do instead is make sure you have a chance to get into the group by not actively seeking it out. If you have the characteristics that the group is looking for, then they will find you and offer you a chance to join in. In other words, if you are meant to be part of the Hells Angels, then you will likely radiate the qualities that are necessary to make sure you get in. Therefore, you should make sure you aren't trying too hard and make sure you simply allow the things that are meant to come to pass.