The Most Lethal Special Forces In The World

Naval Commandos, France

The Naval Commandos (Commandos Marine in French) is a group of Special Forces that work under the Naval Rifle and Special Forces Command as well as the Special Operations Command. They have bases all over the country, mainly in the Northern (Brittany) region. Individuals wishing to join a modern Naval Commandos must have served as a Fusilier Marin for at least nine months. It is widely considered one of the toughest programs in NATO Special Operations Forces. Upon completion of the course, successful students are awarded a green beret and become a part of a select band of approximately 500 men. They are then distributed among six specialized commando units named after fallen commando officers. The commando detachments, united by the motto Honneur, Patrie, Valeur, Discipline (Honor, Homeland, Valor, Discipline), wear a distinct badge on their berets, which is positioned on the left side in keeping with English commando tradition from World War II. This is the only French unit that does so.
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