The Most Lethal Special Forces In The World

GROM, Poland

The GROM was created on July 13, 1990, after the collapse of communism in Poland. Its name has two meanings: Grupa Reagowania Operacyino-Manewrowego (Operational Response Group) and “grom,” the Polish for “thunder” both apply. Despite its long official title, “thunder” is the proper name. GROM is one out of five special operations that take part in the Polish Armed Forces. The GROM's missions are confidential, as is its existence. The GROM was not officially acknowledged as a unit until 1994 when information about it was first released. It is part of the Polish Army's Special Forces (which includes the JWK, JW Formoza, JW AGAT, and NIL, among other units) in addition to the Wojska Specjalne (Special Forces).