'Bigger than bin Laden': Iran expert hails Qassim Soleimani's killing as 'massive blow to the regime'

Written by Washingtonexaminer | Source: The Washington Examiner | January 03, 2020 01:12 AM

Iran expert Mark Dubowitz did not mince words when trying to convey the enormity of the killing of Iranian terrorist commander Qassim Soleimani, declaring the news "bigger than bin Laden" and predicting it would be a "massive blow to the regime.


Dubowitz, CEO of the Foundation of Defense of Democracies, was initially skeptical of reports that Soleimani had been killed. But once more confirmation started coming in, he took to Twitter in an attempt to convey the magnitude of the event.

"If it’s true Suleimani is dead, this is bigger than bin-Laden," he wrote. "Bigger than [Hezbollah's Imad] Mugniyeh. Bigger than [Islamic state leader Abu Bakr] Baghdadi. For two decades, Suleimani has been the most powerul, savvy & effective terrorist on the planet. He's enjoyed full backing of powerful terrorist state. Irreplacable."

Trying to draw an analogy to the United States, he also wrote, "If your view is Suleimani can easily be replaced, you know nothing about how he has completely dominated [Quds Force] & [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] for 20 yrs. Ops, intel, foreign relations, political warfare, strategy. It’s like losing your [Joint Chief of Staff] commander, CIA director & foreign minister — all at once."


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