Monday, February 11 2019

Antisocial Socialism

Written by Bill Murchison

The quest to make sense of America's present political situation goes on ... and on ... and on ... and ...

Oh, the heck (by which you know I mean something stronger) with it, inasmuch as what we see playing out before us -- never mind the president or the House speaker or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- has timeless qualities.

The push to control in the face of resistance is the oldest chapter in the human narrative. Neither Bernie Sanders nor AOC invented it. They merely took the raw material of human existence and molded it for contemporary uses.

Thus the Green New Deal. Thus the push for Socialism, etc. Yawn.

I don't mean "yawn " in the sense of how simply borrrring, dah-ling, to face the prospect of a government assault on liberty and human rights, in the name, paradoxically, of liberty and human rights. I mean it's still the same old story, a fight for love and glory, because this is what we humans do and always have done -- and presumably always will. It's Bill Murray and a thoroughly politicized "Groundhog Day": the endless cycle of "Let's pull the rich down" followed by the realization afterward (compare to Napoleonic France) that we're still messed up as a society, only in new ways, given that pulling down the rich never produces anything but immediate gratification for the inciter of the deed.

Redistribution has never, anyplace, had everything -- or even very much -- to do with lifting up the downtrodden. Basically, the instinct arises from an enduring, as opposed to endearing, human trait known as jealousy: the desire to feel better, personally speaking, through relieving the supposedly undeserving of their means and possessions. We could call it the take-that-you-bum school of political philosophy. Kick the rich, raise their taxes, distribute the proceeds to the more-deserving. That sort of thing.


This article was sourced from TownHall

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