Opinion: Why Do Blacks Vote Democrat?

Written By BlabberBuzz | Tuesday, 26 October 2021 14:00
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For as long as I can remember, the Black community as a whole has been a solidly democratic base. In fact, it was such a given that a Black Republican was seen as an anomaly by the public-at-large and an Uncle Tom or cultural traitor within their own communities.

Fourth grade taught us all that Abraham Lincoln was the President with the tungsten balls to do something about slavery and the fortitude to fight for it. If there was one person who can be credited with establishing the United States of America, it would not be one of the Founding Fathers, it was Lincoln.

Ben Shapiro claimed, in his December 3, 2018 radio program that as a percentage, more Republicans supported civil rights than Democrats. I remember watching an MSNBC segment on it where the talking heads were going to great lengths to not deny it, because the fact is Ben is correct. From Al Sharpton to now-deceased Rep. Elijah Cummings, the narrative has been those who fought to undo the tragic plight of African slaves were the Democrats. Yet, this is the farthest thing from the truth.

Prior to Lincoln the country was a coalition of independent states, “The United States’ ARE…”, Lincoln turned that into “The United States IS”. Lincoln’s legacy was built on the belief that “All Men Are Created Equal”, he was the first Republican President, a party that was established to specifically combat the expansion of slavery into the new U.S. territories. And yet, today the community he died to free, votes as a block for the party which started a war to keep them enslaved. Lincoln was not the outlier; this was the Republican party and still is.


Post-Civil War America saw Lincoln’s assassination and a country that was still divided. President Andrew Johnson who succeeded Lincoln was a Democrat, and after the war he vetoed two civil rights bills, and actively lobbied the southern states to NOT support the ratification of the 14th Amendment that Congress had already passed. The President after him, Ulysses Grant was a Republican, he protected Civil Rights and presided over the passing of the 15th Amendment which gave Black men the right to vote.


Rutherford Hayes, the Republican President after Grant was a historical footnote when Frederick Douglass, a Civil Rights hero became the first Black man to address a major political convention, the Republican one that nominated Hayes for the Presidency. Republican Chester Arthur fought to renew Civil Rights talks and legislation after the Supreme Court nullified an 1875 law; an uphill battle made difficult by Democratic lawmakers’ opposition to Civil Rights. Grover Cleveland came after Arthur; he was a Democrat and was against integrated schools in New York and supported Southern Democrats in their resistance to provide full equality for their Black citizens.


The same pattern is seen when looking at each administration up until Truman integrated the military and he only did it to ensure the regeneration of a World War depleted military as the Cold War heated up. Kennedy gave Democrat support for Civil Rights for the first time, the GOP had supported it from its inception.


The Republican party to this day has done more to advance the welfare and opportunities for the Black Community. And yet, watching Don Lemon and Van Jones on CNN, listening to the rhetoric from members of the Congressional Black Caucus, you would think it was Republicans who have wanted to keep the community in chains. The sad fact is, the Democrats wanted just that and have succeeded in making it happen with the full support and backing of the Black Community. The statement is bold, but the facts support it.


Under Democratic administrations the welfare system was introduced and expanded to essentially serve as a dangling carrot each election. The Democratic machine has created a system of dependency, an expensive one with a convoluted bureaucracy to serve it. Public housing has grown to the point wherein some cities, occupancy percentages of total population border on Socialist country levels. Under the liberal Democrat philosophy, universities and colleges have morphed into bastions of useless learning, abandoning hard sciences for the liberal arts, churning out debt-ridden graduates with degrees in nothing practical to help them manage their financial responsibilities.

If you have ever been to Berlin, or Paris or London you see race in a different light. There is less black and white, and more acceptance of people for who they are. As a child growing up on the streets of lower Manhattan, I had friends of all colors and stripes, and yet it wasn’t until I was told that we are all different that I began to think that way. Political ads, community activists, social reformers all thrive on highlighting differences and separating society.

Words like “Elite” are used to create a sense of subjugation, a notion of “us vs. them”, the “people” against the “elite”. Slogans and hashtags that pop up like the Trayvon Martin one, “We are all…” are really meant to emphasize the fact that we are in fact, NOT all….

The Democratic and Progressive focus on race is in your face and is clearly a deliberate tactic. The platforms many Democrats run on include specific language that talks to the minority, language, and imagery that create fear of losing the safety net of the social welfare system. If God forbid, I was on welfare, my concern would be on getting off it, not living election to election fighting, and voting to expand and protect my benefits. A family though brought up on welfare and nursed and fed by the bureaucracy will only know that life, and will fight to keep it.

The Republicans today are similar to the Civil Rights pioneers who created their party. Many of them have accusations of Racism thrown at them to vilify them. The fact is, most Republicans do not look at the Black Community, the Hispanic Community, the Asian Community, and perhaps that is the reason they favor the Democrats. The Republicans look at the American Community, no color, no race, no religion, just Americans.

This has been the message from its founding in 1854. This does not make them racists, it makes them people – a more aware or “woke” group of people who see citizens, and not segments. A system that stresses the differences in society is divisive, and yet this is the Democratic Party’s chief platform point. There cannot be unity when people are taught, they are different and are taught to have animus towards those who want to treat you as if you are not.

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