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Rep.'s siblings endorse his opponent. 1 calls him 'racist'

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Washington (CNN)Six siblings of Republican Rep. Paul Gosar delivered a stark message in a new television advertisement: Vote for their brother's opponent.

The Democrat challenging Gosar in Arizona's 4th District unveiled a new ad Friday that features Grace, David, Jennifer, Tim, Joan and Gaston lambasting Gosar over Social Security, health care, water policy and more.

On Friday’s broadcast of CBS’ “The Late Show,” former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton argued that the president “Absolutely” can be the subject of a criminal investigation.

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After a particularly dangerous summer of gun violence in Canadaand two mass shootingssparking public outcry, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done something that would perhaps be unthinkable in America: he’s called on government officials to examine the impact of a full ban on handgunsand assault weapons.

Court document reveals FBI agents shut down the facility to conduct forensic computer analysis.

The White House has reportedly drafted an executive order that would open an antitrust investigation into the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe.

Not that we needed much more evidence to show what a scam the Republican “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” was, but the evidence doesn’t care—it just keeps coming.

The $0.03 per hour (inflation-adjusted) bump in bonuses between the fourth quarter of 2018 [sic] and the second quarter of 2018 is very small and not necessarily attributable to the tax cuts rather than employer efforts to recruit workers in a continued low unemployment environment.

Skepticism towards claims against Ellison contrasts with Believe All Women narrative against Kavanaugh.

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Video: A Message To Google Employees From Alex Jones

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