Editor’s note: This article contains offensive language.

Taking a break from tweeting against the President Donald Trump, comedian Sarah Silverman lashed out at a new target: “evil” banks and “BIG OIL.

A New York Times report detailing declines in international applications to American colleges and universities seems like an unflattering indictment on the Trump administration – until you read the data.

Some foreign students worry they're not welcome in the United States, according to the article.

On Friday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's crumbling halfway house — known officially as the American Health Care Act — definitively collapsed.

So far, the standard tactic among Republican leadership and the mainstream media has been to point fingers at the House Freedom Caucus and blame them for obstinately blocking the bill.

The so-called explainer website Vox has published what is probably the worst possible characterization of Christian beliefs since the Romans accused the early martyrs of belonging to a secret society of incestuous cannibals.

CBS This Morning on Monday offered a schizophrenic defense of ObamaCare, insisting that the plan is just fine. However, the solution to keep it from “exploding” is “more subsidies and more regulations.

On Saturday, Judge Jeanine Pirro offered a fiery defense of President Trump after his healthcare legislation failed, telling viewers of her show, "Folks, I want to be clear: this is NOT on President Trump.

Is there a legal remedy to cut funding to sanctuary cities?

Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions urged state and local governments to participate fully with federal officials in immigration matters.

Failure to do so, he said, could result in loss of federal funding.

Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo joins the media parade in defense of federal funding for National Public Radio (NPR) and for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, with an extremely biased feature story that is short on facts, and laden with omissions and laughable fallacies.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fourteen U.S. senators have written a letter to USA Hockey's executive director over their concerns about the treatment of the women's national team.

Players have threatened to boycott the upcoming world championships in Michigan over a wage dispute.

The prolonged free agency of cop-hating, baggage-toting quarterback Colin Kaepernick has prompted the formation of a new sports fantasy game. It’s best played by race-baiting, left-stream talk show performers who have the unique ability to read the minds of NFL owners and general managers.