AntiFa Siege, Day 71: Portland Rioters Attack Elderly Women Defending Police Station Featured

Written by BlabberBuzz | August 08, 2020 08:10 AM

Members of Antifa continue to bring more chaos and violence to the streets of Portland. During the week, more precisely on Wednesday night, some protesters used accelerators to set fire to the front of an occupied police station building while intentionally blocking exits.

On the night of Thursday, two elderly women were attacked, one with white paint that was thrown directly in her face.

The Portland rioters, called “peaceful protesters” according to the liberal establishment violently confronted two elderly women who tried to stop their criminal activity. Antifa, the group of domestic terrorists threw white paint on an elderly woman who was attacked by them.

The other woman, who was using a walker was assaulted while trying to extinguish an arson fire set by the rioters in a trash barrel placed up against the precinct.

Portland hit its 71st night of protests Saturday morning — the day after violent protesters tried to set the East Precinct on fire. Despite condemnation from Mayor Ted Wheeler (D), protesters targeted the building again, vandalizing security cameras with spray paint. One demonstrator successfully dismantled a security camera, according to the police.

The city declared a riot when the front of Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct was set on fire Wednesday night. They tried to burn down the building. Security cameras were spray painted over, glass doors were shattered, fireworks and other objects were thrown at officers. The Police Bureau also said a driver in a truck attempted to run over its officers.

“Several” arrests were made after the police used tear gas to disperse the violent mob as a result of the criminal activity “including an individual who had a loaded handgun.”

“Information on arrests will be provided as it becomes available,” the PPB said.

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PPB said protesters hurled glass bottles, heavy rocks, paint, commercial-grade fireworks, and eggs at officers as they tried to disperse the crowd. Members of the group also shined lasers in officers’ eyes.

In a press conference Thursday afternoon, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, sent a message to the thugs after basically ignoring them for over 70 days: "you are not demonstrating, you are attempting to commit murder." Over 20 officers and civilian employees were inside when the fire started.

"Portlanders need to send a strong message that enough is enough, this movement is really powerful, but the violence has taken away from it.” Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell told reporters on Wednesday.

This organization of domestic terrorists has crossed all red lines. The city of Portland has become the training grounds for Antifa and Black Lives Matters.

Antifa attacks must be stopped and not tolerated. America cannot tolerate this; it has gone beyond “peaceful” it is not even been peaceful on this end of it. This is not right for anyone to suffer this for nothing for believing in what they believe in.


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