President Trump Humiliates Jim Acosta, ‘Fake Reporter,” CNN Hits Back

Written by Carmine Sabia | Source: TheFederalistpapers | August 06, 2020 01:00 AM

Whiny, grandstanding crybaby, and CNN White House correspondent, Jim Acosta has been taken to the woodshed again by President Donald Trump.

Acosta had penned a report for CNN on Wednesday titled “Trump still not grasping the severity of the pandemic, source tells CNN,” which we assume he was talking about.

The story claimed that an anonymous source on the White House coronavirus task force accused the president of not grasping the severity of the pandemic.

“He still doesn’t get it,” the anonymous source allegedly said to CNN. “He does not get it.”


A source familiar with Trump’s Tuesday Oval Office meeting with his coronavirus task force said the president is still not demonstrating that he has a firm grasp of the severity of the pandemic in the US.


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