Tucker Calls Fauci 'Fraud' - Accused Him Of Appeasing, Protecting Progressive Left Featured

Written by BlabberBuzz | August 02, 2020 03:48 AM

On Friday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson berated Dr. Anthony Fauci for being a “fraud”, because of his constant discussing on politics, pointing out that “there’s nothing” Fauci "won't opine on as long as it doesn't offend the popular and fashionable left."

Carlson played a recording of Fauci and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), with the latter bombarding Fauci with questions on the apparent askew response from health authorities on the threat of spreading Coronavirus on large protests compared to other types of events, like religious congregations.

Fauci, a White House Coronavirus task force member, indicated that the risk of spreading the virus does exist when a large amount of people gather.

Jordan asked Fauci “So the protests don’t increase the spread of the virus?” and Fauci’s answer was “I didn’t say that. You’re putting words in my mouth.” After pushing some more, Fauci eventually concluded that “I can tell you that crowds are known, particularly when you don’t have a mask, to increase the acquisition and transmission, no matter what the crowd is.”

Nonetheless, Fauci insisted that he was “not in a position to determine what the government can do in a forceful way,” referring to protests restrictions and other activities alike. But Jordan objected saying “Well, you make all kinds of recommendations.

You make comments on dating, on baseball, on everything you can imagine. I’m just asking, you just said protests increase the spread. I’m just asking, should we try to limit the protest?” During the heated debate, Carlson made a rough and cutting statement about Fauci:

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“There is nothing that Dr. Anthony Fauci won’t opine on, as long as it doesn’t offend the popular, the fashionable Left. ‘Sex with strangers online? No problem! Shaking hands? Bad!’ Every day for the past several months, virtually, Dr. Fauci has advocated for a new coronavirus policy” and when he played a recent clip of Fauci’s suggestions to the government to mitigate COVID-19 contagion, Carlson sentenced him saying “What a fraud this guy is!”

"Fauci is 79, but maybe if he had like 22-year-old kids who were trying to make their way in this world in an economy that is headed down the tubes, thanks largely to his recommendations, he would feel differently," the conservative host said, continuing with "It's not merely an inconvenience when your economy collapses.

It's the end of the American dream. That's not a small thing. Maybe it's worth it. Maybe it's not, but if it is, then you probably shouldn't take a pass on the question 'Are protests, are riots OK?' unless you're a total fraud, like a complete fraud.”

A poll conducted by the Quinnipiac University in July showed that 65% of voters place their trust on Fauci; however, there are some marked disparities. Of all the Republicans who participated in the survey, 52% said they don’t trust Fauci on the pandemic, while 86% of Democrats indicated the opposite.


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