Biden has no good VP choices in the field under consideration

Written by William A. Jacobson | Source: LegalInsurrection | August 02, 2020 01:00 AM

The pickings are slim in a campaign where the Dem VP nominee is the presumptive president due to Biden’s clear mental infirmities.

So maybe as early as next week Joe Biden will announce who he is picking to be his vice presidential nominee. Or more precisely, the vice president nominee will be picked, Biden will be informed, will come to believe he made the choice, and will appear in front of a camera with a note written in large crayon with the person’s name.

There really are no good choices among the people known to be under consideration.

If you want the full list of possibilities — some of whom are so unlikely it’s unclear why they are on anyone’s list — see this NY Times write up of 13 women who have been under consideration by Mr. Biden.

The choice of VP for Biden is more important than usual because Biden is half-baked. No one expects him to be much more than a figurehead, and it’s unlikely he’d make it through a full first term without a babysitter. So the VP choice really is the presidential choice this time around. That means the Dem VP nominee will be under even more intense scrutiny than is normal.


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