Media Covering Up Facts As This City Sees Record Amounts Of People Leaving Featured

Written by BlabberBuzz | July 24, 2020 09:15 AM

Democrats will tell you that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing homeowners to rethink living in major cities, but new data is shedding light on the real reasons – the upheaval in America and nowhere is theis being felt more than the ‘Co-Capital’ of progressive America, Seattle.

A new report from the Seattle-based real estate brokerage Redfin found that 27% of the site's users were buyers searching for listings in another metro area, with Los Angeles being the top destination for those hoping to move out of Seattle.

Had Corona had anything to do with the move, a rush of people to a more populated area would seem unlikely. The report found that the net outflow of homeowners leaving Seattle jumped from just 363 during the second quarter of 2019 to 6,007 in 2020, representing an increase of 1554.82%.

The number of home sellers in Seattle using the site to look at other cities also increased from 11.2% in 2019 to 13.2% in 2020. This is the largest rate of growth in citizens abandoning their city that Seattle has ever seen. In fact, the last time people left at such a rate was in Los Angeles during the Spanish Flu of 1918 – which is why Democrats use this as the reason.

Real Estate sites Zillow and Redfin perpetuated the Democratic talking points, however they explained the move to the most densely populated area in America, Los Angeles, as ‘more people would move to suburbs as remote work became more common due to the pandemic and social distancing restrictions.’

"The factors driving a surge in overall homebuyer demand-low mortgage rates and changes in what people are looking for in a home-are lighting a fire in people who were already considering a move to a different area," said Redfin economist Taylor Marr.

However, Los Angeles Real Estate broker James Watson countered that, saying "when you want to take flight from area, as opposed to a planned and thought out relocation, you tend to want to go to where issues that are driving you from your home are not as prevalent."

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“Los Angles, even the ‘suburbs’ are quite populated. I hear most people running away from the virus are moving to Montana or one of the Dakota’s where risk of infection is lower.

With many major local companies like Amazon extending their work-from-home status until 2021, the increasingly remote job market is causing people to relocate to places with more room for home offices.

"Prior to this pandemic, the housing affordability crisis was already driving people from large cities to small. Now, more permissive policies around remote work, and a rising wariness about close quarters, will likely accelerate that trend," said Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman.

"The whole narrative of the past 200 years, of the young person moving to the big city, may turn a little upside down in the years ahead."

Seattle has been the scene of riots for weeks, at one-point culminating in the now famous ‘CHOP’ zone where people were actually killed. There are daily protests that often turn destructive and the downtown area has been relegated to a curfew zone after protesters clash with police regularly.

The Gateway Pundit pointed out that no media outlet reported anything other than the flight is a result of Corona, and they too asked the odd question that never seems to get its just answer.


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