GOP, Princeton Professor Argue That Democrats Should Be ‘Cancelled’ For Past Racism Featured

Written by BlabberBuzz | July 17, 2020 09:39 AM
The term ‘throwing out the baby with the bathwater’ means getting rid of everything because some things are dirty – or tainted. It is happening in the US as we speak – the great Jefferson is now serving time for his ‘crimes’ 250 years ago when they were not crimes), Columbus is looking for his heads after a decapitation wave.

Well now, perhaps the progressives can look at the Democratic party and do the same – otherwise they will be hypocrites.

The Connecticut GOP’s state central committee adopted a resolution condemning the history of the Democratic Party, which sprang to life in the slave-holding South and amassed a long record protecting segregation before embracing labor and civil rights — and ceding white southern voters to Republicans.

“We demand that the party change its name,” said J.R. Romano, the state GOP chair. “For me, I believe it is vital that every citizen know the truth about the so-called party of inclusion and acceptance. If we are to hold Christopher Columbus accountable for over 500 years after the fact, it is our duty and moral obligation to hold the Democratic Party accountable.”

The resolution and Romano’s call echoes the approach of President Donald J. Trump, whose first instinct is to go on the attack, as he has with demonstrators who have demanded the removal of statues of Confederate generals.

Several weeks ago, Trump retweeted a video of a supporter chanting “white power,” and he expressed support for the prosecution of men arrested for defacing a statute of President Andrew Jackson, a Democratic Party founder now disavowed by many Democrats over his support of slavery and the forced relocation of American Indians.

But the Connecticut republicans were not alone. Yesterday, a paper by two professors from Liberal heaven, Princeton University was published Thursday. The article shredded the country’s current “cancel culture” that they consider to be based on “twisted logic,” but they said if the trend continues – to be fair – the movement should consider relegating the Democratic Party to “the dustbin of history.”

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Sergiu Klainerman, a mathematics professor, and John Londregan, a professor of politics and international affairs, co-authored the piece titled, “A Modest Proposal for a Name Change,” which appeared on the National Review’s website.

They point out that there is a clear movement afoot in the country that aims to erase the “symbols and exemplars of American society” that have suddenly become the targets of an “unprecedented iconoclastic purge.”

The column mentioned the obvious targets: Civil War generals, slave owners, but they also point out that the movement goes much further. Universities across the U.S., for example, are quickly changing the names on school buildings to keep up with the trend. They pointed out that their own university changed the name of its Woodrow Wilson School.

The truth of the matter is they are 100% correct. Why is Howard Stern facing boycotts because of something everyone laughed at back in 1992? Why is Ellen now being vilified after she has been the light of the liberals for over a decade? Why are our American heroes now falling all over the country? It is simply because a new wave of thought has come – to drag the US back into the 1600’s when the Salem witch trials occurred. It is the same thing, exactly.

America has regressed and if we are all going to be fair – as the far-left say they want it – then let us start toppling FDR and JFK and the entire democratic party history.


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