AOC Doubles Down On Excusing Violent Crime: ‘People Need To Feed Their Family’ Featured

Written by BlabberBuzz | July 14, 2020 05:04 AM

We’ve heard silly things from AOC before, but she might have outdone herself this time.

Violence has surged recently in large cities, mostly run by Democrats. Cops have been told to stand down, and leftists want to defund or get rid of police. But that’s not the reason violence has spiked in New York, says AOC.

Violence is up because…people are hungry! That’s right! Because of the economy, people can’t feed themselves or their families, and need to shoplift a loaf of bread. Therefore, they need to shoot someone.

In her own words – and we put it here to putline how ridiculous it is that this ignorant, fool of a woman is in congress. We will break it down piece by piece to show the blatant stupidity of the leader of ‘The Squad.’

“I think there is something about this uptick in crime -- Let me make something super clear for everyone: Keep in mind that this uptick in crime that is happening right now -- this is with a $6 billion annual police budget. So our $6 billion budget has not prevented this uptick in crime.”

AOC’s Allegation: What she is saying that the police are already well funded, and crime is up still so the money means nothing to crime prevention: Actual Facts: Until Progressive Mayor, Bill DeBlasio came to power and neutered the well-funded NYPD by making it impossible to police non-violent crime – the opposite of Rudy Giuliani’s “Broken Windows” policy – the city was one of the safest on the planet.

Taking into account the sharp rise happened after the ‘Defund the Police’ calls gave way to the disbanding of the primary crime stopping force, the plain-clothes division, and AOC actually proved that taking power from police leads to more crime.

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Back to her own words: “Maybe this (crime surge) has to do with the fact that people aren't paying their rent and are scared to pay their rent and so they go out, and they need to feed their child and they don't have money so ... they feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry.”

AOC Allegation: What AOC wants you to believe here is that the coronavirus lockdown caused people to lose their jobs and now in desperation to put food in the mouths. Actual Fact: Looting an electronic store does not support her theory – not does gunning down a four year old boy in a park while driving a car firing randomly into the streets.

AOC is trying to excuse inexcusable behavior; it is a leftist characteristic where their brutality and their flaws are acceptable because it is for the greater fight.

What disproves her theory is the holocaust. Hundreds of thousands of refugees from concentration camps were reintegrated to society – no jobs, no homes – they lost everything. And yet, they would not think of taking bread off someone else’s table – they would not think of tearing down a statue, breaking into a Best Buy and stealing a TV and computer.

Progressive values are nothing more than laziness and lack of true motivation to move forward. It is an acceptance that some people are actually smarter, more capable and even luckier than others – but in America, even the idiots and evil can succeed. AOC’s own success is a testament to the greatness of the way of American life she advocates against.

President Trump’s spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany slammed AOC for trying to make economic conditions the culprit for the rise in violent crime, and blamed the congresswoman and other lefty progressives for taking actions to gut police enforcement and demonize cops.

“You have, most egregious of all, really, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying defund the police means defund the police. She criticized of course the announcement of $1.5 billion being taken down from NYPD [that the cut wasn’t enough],” McEnany told reporters at the White House.

“And this weekend, when faced with 28 shootings in New York, a 600% increase from this time last year, you have Rep. Ocasio-Cortez saying this is just because people are trying to get food with their families,” McEnany said.

“That is preposterous,” the Trump spokeswoman said a press briefing.


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