Clinton’s, Prince Andrew At Risk: Maxwell ‘Will Cooperate’, 'Surrender Videos' Featured

Written by BlabberBuzz | July 05, 2020 10:01 AM

She was friends with Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and JFK junior, she attended the most mundane parties of the British world, the Kennedy weddings as well as the parties of the English royalty.

Just type her name on the Internet which is here with Princess Diana, with Sarah Ferguson, Rupert Murdoch, Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg , Count Gianfranco Cicogna, at the Chelsea Clinton wedding, at the horse races of Ascot, in Balmoral, at the castle from Windsor.

Yesterday the Daily Telegraph found the image which is perhaps the most gruesome for the British. Ghislaine Maxwell at Buckingham Palace sitting on Elizabeth's throne. At her side, Kevin Spacey, another character accused of child molestation.

After months of hiding, Maxwell was arrested by law enforcement. She is accused of having procured women and girls, some only 14 years old, for Jeffrey Epstein and her guests, of having prepared and transported them from New York to Palm Beach, from the Virgin Islands to London, and, according to the prosecutor Audrey Strauss, of having actively participated in some cases in sexual violence.

The world of high Society and power is now shaking, because according to indiscretions the only way to convince the US authorities to guarantee her a discount on the penalty would be to provide the names of those who, like Epstein, who committed suicide in prison last August, had sex with minors.

For Prince Andrew the situation is complicated. The Duke of York left the charities he represented as well as the official role in the royal family, but the troubles did not disappear. He was implicated by one of Epstein's victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claims to have been forced to have sex with him three times, once when he was still a minor.

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The law firm he entrusted assures that Elizabeth's third son has offered to collaborate with the investigators three times, twice in the last month, and that so far no one has collected the offer, either through lawyers or at government level. For the victims, however, Maxwell's arrest makes a trial much more likely. If the story arrives in court, the prince may be summoned.

Andrew denies having met Giuffre but there is a photo that portrays them together, with Maxwell in the background.

"Ghislaine won't say anything about Andrew," assures Laura Goldman, a former banker who nevertheless remained friends with Maxwell. "They were very close," he said, revealing for the first time that there was more than one friendship between them. “Ghislaine has not forgotten that when her father died, Andrew was close and there for her. And then he considered him naive, a little stupid, a privileged person for whom if there were girls around, they were people of service.”

The impression is that for Ghislaine Andrew was willing to play every-card. It was he who organized the party for her 38th birthday, a private visit to Buckingham Palace together with Bill Clinton in 2002.

Andrew gave her credibility in public when the scandal struck her family, he brought her back to the society in which she had grown up, the dances, the first rows at the fashion shows, the most unrestrained social life.

Perhaps he recognized the difficulty of a complicated family in her. Robert Maxwell, billionaire businessman born in Czechoslovakia, the only one of his family to escape the Holocaust.

He was the owner of the Mirror tabloid, who died in 1991 leaving a £460 million hole in his employees' pension fund. He was a tough father who adored Ghislaine but who did not accept weaknesses from his nine children. Sex with a minor goes far beyond naivety or stupidity: Andrew and Ghislaine will have to answer for the facts.


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