‘The Revolution Is Coming’: Flag Burning Consumes America On Independence Day Featured

Written by BlabberBuzz | July 05, 2020 03:47 AM

Protesters in New York burned several US flags in protests against racism on Independence Day – with the primary ‘ceremony’ in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan as well as the White House after President Trump’s July 4th Celebration.

In addition to New York, the vile, disrespectful action took place in Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles where demonstrators were holding "Independence Day" rallies Saturday that were labeled as ‘A call for all people of color to rise up from tyranny and oppression of a corrupt system’.

Almost predicting these events, US President Donald Trump accused the left wing of the political spectrum of wanting to trigger a “wave of violent crime” in the cities of the country in a speech on Independence Day the day before in South Dakota.

Trump said he wanted to crack down on attacks on "our great freedom."

The United States National Day on July 4, which dates back to the Declaration of Independence in 1776, is traditionally celebrated with parades, parties and fireworks. This year, he has been affected by the corona pandemic and nationwide protests against racism and police violence after the death of African American George Floyd.

On the evening of Independence Day, according to media reports, demonstrators in Baltimore on the east coast of the USA tore a Columbus statue from its base and threw it into the water in the harbor.

In several US cities, including Washington and New York, protests against racism and police violence broke out again on the national holiday. Demonstrators lit US flags in both cities, as shown in the photos.

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Trump wants to run for a second term in the election in four months - but he is under considerable pressure. Polls see Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the lead. Caution should be exercised in the polls, as the 2016 election showed.

Trump is not only criticized for dealing with the corona crisis, but also for his reaction to Floyd's death and the largely peaceful protests.

It’s one thing for Democrat “leadership” to watch their own cities burn, it’s another for leaders in Washington to allow for the desecration of monuments and property that belongs to all of us.

The Department of Homeland Security deployed special teams to protect the nation’s monuments and to ensure they are available for enjoyment by American families during the long holiday weekend.

As Americans around the country and the world celebrate the founding of the United States this weekend, Democrats have made it clear whose side they’re on when it comes to attacking the values and traditions that matter most.


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