Iran Rocked By Explosions For Fifth Time In A Week To Sensitive Military Sites Featured

Written by BlabberBuzz | July 04, 2020 11:04 AM

For the fifth time this week, an explosion and fire in a highly-sensitive facility in the Islamic Republic of Iran occurred Saturday Afternoon, Tehran time.

Saudi news network "Al Arabia" reported on Saturday a major explosion at the power plant complex near Ahwaz city in southern Iran and widespread power outages.

The blast reportedly took place at the al-Zargan power station, located several miles north of Ahwaz City. Photos released from the scene show a thick black smoke pillar and miraculous workers from the scene.

Government officials told the government controlled ‘ISNA News Agency’ that it was the explosion of one of the transformers in a facility caused by the heavy heat.

Meanwhile, no casualties were reported in the blast and Iran's media did not disclose the nature of the incident.

The Ahwaz district has seen a large uprising of the Arab-speaking population against the authorities over the past year and several terrorist attacks by extremist organizations on symbols and regime troops.

Some Arab-language media outlets in the Persian Gulf have reported that the location of the blast, near the facility's transformer unit, is similar to an explosion that occurred in the Natanz nuclear facility and may turn out to be a cyber-attack.

This is the fifth mysterious explosion in Iran since last Friday when a gas container exploded at a missile base in the Parchin complex, south of the Tehran capital. Since then, an explosion has taken place in a military run biomedical clinic in the northern capital and a major fire has also taken place at the Natanz nuclear facility.

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Yesterday, Iranian officials hinted that they suspected that Israel was behind the explosion and fire at the Natanz facility and were launching threats at the Jewish state. Iranian officials told Reuters yesterday that the fire at the Nantes nuclear plant yesterday was the result of an Israeli cyber-attack.

Official Tehran did not explicitly accuse Israel or the United States of being attacked, but civilian defense chief Golmerza Jaliali said Iran would "retaliate against any country that carries out cyber-attacks on its nuclear sites."


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