VP Hopeful Abrams Says Voter Fraud “Fake News” – After Whining About It in 2018 Loss Featured

Written by BlabberBuzz | July 03, 2020 04:56 AM
Wannabe Vice President and failed 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial-race loser, Stacey Abrams gave insight into how the dems will win during an appearance on MSDNC (MSNBC).

When asked how the path to victory is being laid out, Abrams replied, “We know that it begins with allowing vote from home, mail-in ballots, whatever you want to call it. The ability to not have to show up in person to cast your ballot, which unfortunately the Republicans are pushing hard against.”

While true, Republicans are doing their best to stop that as mail-in-voting has many more opportunities for fraud. Even still, ignoring those facts, Abrams continued, saying that “a coalition of organizations like Fair Fight, working with the Leadership Conference, and others we are pushing to make sure vote from home is real. And we have seen 50% increases in a number of states of people who know that when COVID is at risk, we have to have another way to vote.”

Abrams added, “We have to remember this July 4th that we have had to fight since inception to make citizenship real for every American, and we should double down in 2020 to make sure that we hear from the most vulnerable.”

The former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate has faced her own share of voting woes. In 2018, her opponent then-Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp was accused of voter suppression by her, which was unproven.

Georgia once again faced accusations of voter suppression last month when the state experienced massive problems with in-person voting during the state's primary, with issues predominantly affecting Black districts. Given the fact that it came during race riots, it is hard to actually take those seriously as many on the left felt the need to fabricate stories to stoke outrage – and violence.

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When it comes to expanding voter options, Abrams said "vote-by-mail is safe" and is the most obvious option for voters as public health becomes a concern amid the coronavirus pandemic. What she does not tell you is that the board of elections in most cities says sending a vote through the mail is dangerous as the chain-of-custody for the vote passes through dozens, if not hundreds of hands.

"It's not super susceptible to fraud and the president said himself, I think it was earlier this week he said: absentee ballots, they're fine, it's vote-by-mail that's a problem. Well, they're the exact same thing. He knows it because he uses it," she added. What she did not mention is that absentee ballots have specific handling requirements – registered mail and tracking, whereas most states testing mail-in-voting do not.

Barring any voting issues in November, Abrams, who has previously expressed interest in becoming Joe Biden's running mate, says she is confident he can win in Georgia, particularly after winning nearly 85 percent of the vote in last month's primary.

"What the vice president needs to do is what he's been doing. And that is showing that he doesn't take a single community for granted, that he's going to listen to public health experts, and that he's going to use the skills that he developed when he helped our country recover from the last economic crisis," she said.

The last economic crisis that Biden had managed for the country, with his bossman, Barack Hussein Obama, lasted for the entirety of their eight years, and only truly rebounded when Trump came in. Abrams, seems destined to drag the country back towards years of economic stagnation – in the name of “bringing light and hope into the nation’s inner cities.”

While she is not expected to be Biden’s VP pick, Biden choosing her would certainly help Trump maintain his presidency.


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