Watch: Publishing Titan Says 'I Will Not Bend Knee To Progressive Cancel Culture' Featured

Written by Cristina Laila | Source: The Gateway Pundit | June 29, 2020 08:29 PM

Dave Portnoy AKA “El Presidente”

Communist cancel culture came for Barstool Sports this week and the founder, Dave Portnoy told them to piss off.

Barstool Sports is a very popular sports blog that also produces numerous edgy podcasts.

The Communists tweeted the same clip nonstop of Portnoy discussing loser Colin Kaepernick kneeling.

Dave Portnoy said the comedy clips were taken out of context.

Portnoy hit back on Sunday: Memo to the cancel cops. I knew this was coming before you did. And I’m ready. You don’t cancel me. I cancel you.

WATCH (language warning):

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On Monday Portnoy said he will never apologize and never bend the knee.

WATCH (language warning):


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