Trump Warns of Democrats Using COVID-19 to Push Mail-in Voting “Scam”

Written by James Murphy | Source: TheNewAmerican | May 25, 2020 04:35 PM

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to let American citizens know that Democrats are using the Chinese coronavirus as an excuse to push their vote-by-mail scheme.

Trump warned that the expansion of mail-in voting could lead to the “greatest Rigged Election in history.”

The president's warning comes as several states are looking to expand their vote-by-mail systems amid ongoing fear associated with the COVID-19 virus. In particular, Trump criticized Nevada's plan to send absentee ballots to all registered voters in advance of their June 9 primary, calling it a “great voter fraud scenario.” The president also threatened the state's federal funding.

“State of Nevada ‘thinks’ that they can send out illegal vote by mail ballots, creating a great Voter Fraud scenario for the State and the U.S. They can’t! If they do, ‘I think’ I can hold up funds to the State. Sorry, but you must not cheat in elections,” the president tweeted.


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