Fix Is In: Sanders Campaign Blasts New York Democrats for Striking Sanders From Ballot, Canceling Presidential Primary Over Coronavirus–But not Congressional Primary Set for Same Day

Written by Kristinn Taylor | Source: The Gateway Pundit | April 27, 2020 04:29 PM

Earlier Monday, New York Democrats voted to remove Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) from the June 23 Democrat presidential primary ballot, thereby canceling that state’s presidential primary, because of claimed concerns about the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Sanders has suspended his campaign and endorsed the presumptive nominee former Vice President Joe Biden, however Sanders wanted to be able accumulate delegates to influence the party platform and rules. There is also speculation that Biden’s apparent mental decline will preclude him from the nomination at some point before the August convention or the November election.

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The New York Democrats exercised a new law enacted earlier this month that allowed the striking from the ballot of candidates who have suspended their campaigns.

Democrat congressional and state legislature primaries around the state also set for June 23 will go on as planned.


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