Defiant pastors vow to host Palm Sunday mass during coronavirus pandemic

Written by NYpost | Source: NYpost | April 05, 2020 07:59 AM

Defiant Christian megachurches across the country have vowed to flout social distancing guidelines and host Palm Sunday mass — with one Texas pastor complaining that “Satan’s trying to keep us apart."

While most churches will host online-only services for the holiday, a few renegade pastors in Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Florida and California have made it clear they are hoping to pack their churches with congregants, and global coronavirus pandemic be damned.

“We’re defying the rules because the commandment of God is to spread the Gospel,” said Louisiana pastor Tony Spell.

Spell, 42, plans to hold three services at his 1,000-member Life Tabernacle megachurch in a Baton Rouge suburb on Palm Sunday. He’s already received six misdemeanors for defying state orders against assembling in large groups.

The pastors claim the lockdowns infringe on their religious rights.


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