Initial Results Give Buttigieg Win in Iowa Democratic Caucuses | Failed App Developer Is Buttigieg Supporter

Written by LifeZette | Source: Political Insider | February 04, 2020 08:02 PM

By David Kamioner | February 4, 2020

Young Mayor Pete Buttigieg seems to have won the Democratic Iowa caucuses.

Sanders came in second. There is 62% of the vote in 99 counties reporting in. This is a tremendous defeat for Joe Biden.

Even these results aren’t final, as 38% is more than the margin between victory and defeat. But this is what we have right now. But given the delayed fiasco that was this caucus, the win has more asterisks than a Taco Bell public health inspection.

The current initial result has Buttigieg with 26.9% over 25.1% for Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren placed third at 18.3%. Biden fourth at 15.6%. The winner takes the most delegates to the national convention in the summer. 41 delegates are up for grabs.

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