Developing: Local Iranian Claims to Take Photo of Missile Part Near Ukrainian Passenger Plane Crash Site in Tehran

Written by Jim Hoft | Source: The Gateway Pundit | January 08, 2020 08:03 PM

The first footage was released this morning at the crash site of the Ukrainian plane that that went down outside of Tehran moments after takeoff on Wednesday morning.

An Ukrainian Airlines plane carrying 180 passengers and crew crashed Wednesday morning just minutes ago after takeoff from Tehran, Iran! This comes on the same night that Iran fired a dozen missiles at US bases in Iraq.

Al Hadath Dubai News reported a missile took down the Ukrainian flight.

(Tweets were translated)

Al Hadath: Preliminary images of the Ukrainian plane suspected of being hit by an Iranian missile


#إيران — الصور الأولية للطائرة الأوكرانية التي يشتبه بأنها سقطت نتيجة إصابتها بصاروخ إيراني


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