Anti-Trump Schiff Will Be Seriously Responsible for Tearing Our Nation Apart

Written by David Kamioner | Source: LifeZette | November 22, 2019 12:43 AM

We’ve seen show trials before, inquiries before the one the nation has endured in the House of Representatives this week and last.

The Communist Chinese used to love them, especially during the Cultural Revolution.

The Khmer Rouge of Cambodia was fond of the process. They favored a prosecution of anyone who wore glasses.

But the all-time champs were the Soviets. During the 1930s, they perfected the process to such a point that innocent men would plead guilty to anything the state wanted, lest their families be put to death.

Of course, if the state could find them guilty of anything the state desired, then the state had to come up with some pretty interesting stuff, as most of the men tried were actually the recent comrades of the accusers.


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