Virginia’s New Democrat Majority to Immediately Push Draconian Gun Control Laws

Written by Reuters Wire | Source: TheFederalistpapers | November 07, 2019 12:15 AM

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s push for new gun control laws after the May massacre of 12 people in Virginia Beach flopped when the Republican-controlled state legislature acquiesced to his call for a July special session but left without a vote.

But Northam saw new hope on Wednesday for his gun measures after voters flipped control of both chambers of the statehouse to his fellow Democrats for the first time in a quarter century.

“They want us to finally pass commonsense gun safety legislation, so no one has to fear being hurt or killed while at school, at work, or at their place of worship,” Northam said hours after the election results. “I look forward to working with our new Democratic majority to make these priorities a reality.”


Virginia governor to reintroduce gun control measures after Dems win state government control

— The Hill (@thehill) November 6, 2019


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