WaPo Columnist: Blowing Up Three Children With A Suicide Vest Proves Baghdadi Wasn’t A Coward

Written by Chrissy Clark | Source: The Federalist | October 28, 2019 06:21 PM

The Washington Post columnist Max Boot penned an opinion piece insinuating blowing up three children with a suicide vest proves ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was not a coward.

“Trump could not have heard ‘whimpering and crying’ because there was no audio, and Esper and Milley refused to confirm those details. The assertion that Baghdadi died as a coward was contradicted by the fact that rather than be captured he blew himself up,” Boot wrote.

Regardless of whether Trump heard whimpering or crying, Baghdadi did, in fact, die a coward. He took three young children with him as he fled American soldiers, likely in hopes that they would deter an attack, and then detonated his own suicide vest while they were all cornered in a dead-end tunnel. Risking and taking the lives of three, innocent children is cowardly.


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