Trump Burns Google Before Supreme Court In Copyright Dispute

Written by Daily Caller | Source: Political Insider | September 30, 2019 11:00 PM

Kevin Daley on September 30, 2019

The Trump administration is urging the Supreme Court to stay out of a years-long copyright dispute between tech giants Google and Oracle.

 Oracle said Google impermissibly copied its computer code to build its Android operating system, which services more than 2 billion smartphones. Google is facing a damages award that could total $8 billion.

The Trump administration urged the Supreme Court to stay out of a long-running copyright dispute between Google and Oracle Corp., dealing a considerable blow to Google’s efforts to avoid an $8 billion damages award.

At issue in the dispute, billed as the copyright fight of the decade, are software interfaces called API declarations, which are shorthand commands that facilitate prewritten complex computer functions. Google used a trove of Oracle-owned Java API declarations when building its Android smartphone operating system.

“[Google] copied 11,500 lines of computer code verbatim, as well as the complex structure and organization inherent in that code, in order to help its competing commercial product,” the Trump administration’s brief reads. “The record demonstrates, moreover, that [Google’s] unauthorized copying harmed the market for [Oracle’s] Java platform.”


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