More Lies from Pocahontas: NYC Parks Say Warren Overestimated Monday Crowd by at least 12,000 People

Written by Jim Hoft | Source: The Gateway Pundit | September 18, 2019 01:10 PM

Elizabeth Warren made up elaborate stories over the years to bolster her big lie that she is Native American.

The Massachusetts Senator even claimed her parents had to elope because her father’s parents were racist and didn’t approve of their son’s Cherokee girlfriend — she shamelessly claimed her Pawpaw’s high cheekbones were proof she is of Native American descent.

In 1996 the Harvard Crimson identified Elizabeth Warren as a woman of color and Native American.

In 1998 Harvard bragged Elizabeth Warren, “who is Native American”, was their only minority tenured woman on staff.

The Washington Post obtained Elizabeth Warren’s registration card for the State Bar of Texas, revealing Warren identified as an “American Indian.” It was all a lie.


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