Jim Cramer Tells Media to ‘Dial Back the Hysteria’ on Economy

Written by Kyle Drennen | Source: NewsBusters | August 15, 2019 01:04 PM
Appearing on NBC’s Today show Thursday morning, CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer was the voice of calm, telling his colleagues to “dial back the hysteria” over the economy and reassuring viewers that “the markets are up huge.

” He called out those in the press, including NBC, that were “sowing panic” about the possibility of a future recession.

“This morning, nerves are frayed on Wall Street in the wake of the Dow’s worst day of the year, a loss of 800 points. The markets shaken by fears of worldwide economic trouble,” co-host Craig Melvin warned as he introduced a report hyping a possible downturn. Correspondent Peter Alexander sneered: “This morning, President Trump is arguing that the economy remains strong despite new concerns that it is actual weakening and a loud signal that a recession could be on the horizon.”

The reporter eagerly pushed more alarmist rhetoric:


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