Jorge Ramos SHOCKED That Latinos Are More Conservative On Immigration

Written by Jorge Bonilla | Source: NewsBusters | July 27, 2019 10:55 AM
Univision anchor Jorge Ramos seems stunned at the percentage of Hispanic support for building the wall, based on a recent Univision-Latino Decisions poll.

But such support would only come as a surprise to someone who is out of touch with the community.

Watch as Ramos expresses amazement over the fact that over a third of U.S. Hispanics support construction of a wall along the southern border on a recent edition of Sunday political affairs show Al Punto:

JORGE RAMOS: Let’s close with this. I had a chance to view the poll, it hasn’t been published, but let’s break some news here. When you ask Latinos whether or not they support the building of the wall, I was surprised at the amount of Latinos that agree with building the wall.


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