Chicago Mayor: We’ll Obstruct Justice to Protect Illegal Aliens From Deportation - Trump Confirms ICE Raids in 10 Cities This Weekend

Written by R. Cort Kirkwood | Source: TheNewAmerican | July 12, 2019 12:59 PM

Chicago’s mayor has declared war on Immigration and Customs Enforcement and again vowed to hamstring raids to deport illegal aliens who have been ordered to leave the country.

The obstruction of justice Mayor Lori Lightfoot (shown) confessed at a press conference with “immigration advocates” on Wednesday reiterated what she said last month when Trump announced raids that he canceled.

Chicago officially stands for illegal-alien anarchy, and won’t help ICE enforce duly-passed immigration laws.

No Cooperation With ICE Lightfoot charged ICE with “terrorizing” and “traumatizing” immigrants, and said the city had “taken measures over the past few weeks to ensure the Chicago Police Department will not cooperate with ICE.”

In late June after Trump announced the raids, the Chicago Tribune reported, she “moved quickly ... to assure residents that the Chicago Police Department would not give federal immigration agents access to police data or participate in any raids amid news of potential immigration sweeps in Chicago and other major cities.”

Trump canceled the raids, but then rescheduled them to begin on Sunday. Thus did Lightfoot appear at a news conference with subversive open-borders advocates to assure illegal aliens she would not permit Chicago cops to help ICE to deport them.


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