Attorney For Epstein Victims Praise’s Trump’s ‘Very Helpful’ Information In Case

Written by Carmine Sabia | Source: TheFederalistpapers | July 07, 2019 06:18 PM

Democrats have been desperately attempting to link disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to President Donald Trump since his arrest on Saturday.

But one of the attorneys who represented many of the alleged victims of Epstein, said President Trump was one of the tiny number of powerful men who helped against Epstein.

“The #MeToo movement may have finally caught up with billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.The 65-year-old politically-connected money manager on Tuesday admitted he sued Bradley Edwards to punish the attorney for successfully representing young women who claim Epstein sexually assaulted them at his Palm Beach mansion more than a decade ago,” The Palm Beach Post reported.

“Epstein’s admission, his apology and his payment of an undisclosed amount of money to Edwards brought an abrupt end to what promised to be a salacious trial minutes before it was to begin in Palm Beach County Circuit Court,” it said.

Many publications have said that Epstein is a former friend of the president and they have used one quote against him.


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