Virginia 1984: Biden Called Jesse Jackson 'Boy'

Written by Haris Alic | Source: Breitbart | June 21, 2019 11:00 PM
Former Vice President Joe Biden referred to Rev. Jesse Jackson as “boy” in 1984 when discussing his impact on the Democrat Party. Biden, who is mired in controversy after praising the “civility” of segregationists, made the comments during an “informal news conference” in Lexington, Virginia.

 At the time, Jackson was running for the Democrat presidential nomination and had just bested both Walter Mondale, the eventual nominee, and Gary Hart in the Louisiana primary. The remarks were reported by the Washington Post when they occurred and recently highlighted on social media.

“He is one of the brightest guys around,” Biden said when asked how Jackson’s presidential campaign that year would impact the Democrat Party. “That boy ain’t no dummy, just like Gary Hart, that boy ain’t no dummy either.”

Biden was later forced to clarify that his remark “was not intended to be racially derogatory” and that he had also referred to Hart as “boy.”


Joe Biden once referred to Democratic presidential candidate Rev. Jesse Jackson as “that boy.”


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