Monday, February 11 2019

So you’re upset that your tax refund went down?

Written by Jazz Shaw

I’ve found it rather surprising how often I’ve seen this story popping up on cable news and in the papers this winter. It seems that some people have finished their taxes early and are complaining that their tax refunds are less than they were used to seeing in previous years.

I’m sure that comes as a disappointment, but what could have caused it? According to the Washington Post, it’s an easy question to answer. It’s all Donald Trump’s fault, of course, and his stupid tax cuts.

Millions of Americans filling out their 2018 taxes will probably be surprised to learn that their refunds will be less than expected or that they owe money to the Internal Revenue Service after years of receiving refunds.

People have already taken to social media, using the hashtag #GOPTaxScam, to vent their anger. Many blame President Trump and the Republicans for shrinking refunds. Some on Twitter even said they wouldn’t vote for Trump again after seeing their refunds slashed.

The uproar follows the passage of a major overhaul to the tax code in December 2017, which was enacted with only Republican votes and is considered the biggest legislative achievement of Trump’s first year. While the vast majority of Americans received a tax cut in 2018, refunds are a different matter.


This article was sourced from Hot Air

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