Lunatic Leftists Doxed a Random Kid Thinking He Was in the Covington Video — Family Now Receiving Violent Threats Featured

Written by Cassandra Fairbanks | Source: The Gateway Pundit | January 20, 2019 11:17 PM

The left has been running around with torches and pitchforks ready to destroy a group of Catholic teens for an awkward response to a leftist protester — and they doxed a random kid in the process.

Now, his family is receiving violent threats — and he wasn’t even there.

Soon after the incident, people began spreading photos of a teen named Michael Hodge — believing that he was Nick Sandmann, the teen who was confronted by the Native American activist. There are hundreds of tweets with his name, photos, and personal information about him and his family.

In their rush for blood, the left attacked this random teen.

On Sunday, the teen’s older bother, Andrew Hodge, took to Twitter to explain what his family has been going through since the mob began attacking them.

“Yesterday was supposed to be a day of celebration for my middle brother Alex, who got married last night. Instead my family had to deal with the fallout of my youngest brother #MichaelHodge being falsely accused for standing & smiling in front of an indigenous man with a drum,” the older brother wrote in the first of a series of tweets.

“People then proceeded to spam my family with harassments and threats of physical violence. We then find out our parents address was posted online. If that wasn’t enough, our family operated business has been slandered and attacked,” he continued.

Hodge complained, rightly, that “no one reviews evidence or does any due diligence, they immediately escalate things to a state of frenzy over much of nothing. The zealots scream for the head of #MichaelHodge knowing that their will be zero consequences to them if anything happens to him.”

He added that his parents, uncles and aunts received messages calling them “pieces of sh-t” and threats warning that they “won’t be able to protect Michael Hodge forever.”

Hodge explained that his little brother is “the best kid I know” and volunteers for the Special Olympics.

The cyberbullies began posting details about his dream of becoming a chef and found the college that he is hoping to attend. The mob then began urging the school to rescind his acceptance, calling him a racist.

“You condemned my parents for being horrible role models, yet you jumped to conclusions and were ready to string up an innocent dude?” Hodge asked.

Hodge finished his statement by urging people to hold themselves to a higher standard and be better.

“We will all be better off for it,” he concluded.

Kentucky Prosecutor Fires Warning Shot to People Threatening Acts of Violence Against Covington Catholic High School

Kentucky Prosecutor Rob Sanders, Twitter avatar On Sunday, Rob Sanders, a Kenton County Prosecutor, fired a warning shot to leftists threatening acts of violence against Covington Catholic High School.

Mr. Sanders represents the 16th Judicial Circuit in Kenton County and he made it very clear acts of violence will not be tolerated.

“Threatening acts of violence against educational institutions in Kentucky is a felony and we don’t take it lightly no matter the circumstances. #KYcrime” Rob Sanders said in a tweet. The left wing media erupted this weekend after students from Covington Catholic High School were targeted with a smear campaign when deceptively edited videos of the children were posted to Twitter.

The frauds in the mainstream media are starting to backtrack their stories after video surfaced of the whole incident involving the Catholic teens and the Native American activist, proving the teens were framed. But the damage is already done. The Catholic minor students are now in fear for their lives after Twitter allowed a hate campaign to proliferate unabated.

A Hollywood Producer called for the teens to be murdered in a violent, gruesome manner by being tossed into a woodchipper. Failed actor and ‘comedian’ Ben Hoffman, who goes by the stage name ‘Wheeler Walker Jr.,’ called for violent sexual crimes to be committed against the minor teens and even offered a reward to whoever can stalk and find the minor child and “punch him in the nuts.”

The American Indian Movement Chapter of Indiana and Kentucky is planning to protest at Covington Catholic School on January 22nd. They will be protesting “against racist attacks against the March for Indigenous People in Washington DC.”

“We are calling for a boycott of the school itself and the archdiocese for fostering an environment of hatred and violence against people of color,” the statement reads. “We are calling for a boycott of the school until they fire the chaperones who accompanied these students for allowing this attack to happen and we are calling for them to educate their students on racism and a zero tolerance policy regarding racist attacks by students and punish students with expulsion for racist attacks.”

Everything in this statement is a flat out lie. There was ZERO violence and the only racism was coming from the black nationalists calling the white teens “crackers.”

Native Protester Admits They Knew Black Nationalists Were Yelling Racist, Homophobic Slurs at Children When They Confronted Covington Students in ‘Solidarity’ With Them

One of the Native American protesters who confronted the Covington High School students has admitted that he knew that black nationalists were harassing the kids when they joined them “in solidarity."The Native protester, Marcus Frejo, also “liked” a video on YouTube from notorious antisemitic Louis Farrakhan.

In a Facebook post about the incident, Frejo wrote that he was wandering around the area when “all of the sudden this mob of youth from the Covington catholic highschool make there onto the steps overlooking the African American brothers and start heckling them with loud maga chants and I quickly realize whats going on when the white bro next to me says their wearing maga hats and shirts.”

As the Gateway Pundit reported in our interview with students who were present and their parents, a 14-year-old student said that they were simply waiting for their school bus and doing chants when they were confronted.

“We were standing there when a group of four African-American protesters started calling us ‘crackers’ and ‘school shooters,'” the student told TGP. He also explained that they told one of our African-American students — who is one of my friends — that when he gets older we will harvest his organs, which is insane.” Frejo knew this was happening, as he admits in the post — yet he has the audacity to claim it was the students who were racist.

“When we were singing you could hear the learned bigotry, you could hear the mocking, the laughs, the hate, the racism and as I looked around I thought who taught these kids to hate, who taught them to be this way, who taught them to disrespect an elder in this way,” Frejo wrote.

This is where it gets good, in an update to his post, Frejo acknowledges the homophobic and racist things that the black nationalists, who he repeatedly referred to as his brothers, were saying to the children.

“Even though the hebrew Israelite brothers said some disrespectful things that I heard earlier on during our rally, I still put that aside and wanted to help. Thats their teaching, we have ours and thats what makes us equally beautiful. The only way we can ever get to know eachother is to sit and visit, to eat together, spiritual align and then we become friends. Friends that could uplift eachother in our different beliefs.

To sing, to bring that good spirit into a chaotic situation, maybe the world will see and feel that this is yet another teachable moment for all humanity. If the walls of division dont come crumbling down within the hearts of people how can we ever unite. This is a teachable moment for the youth. The earth is talking. The power of those drums. The sun is shining and the sacred mother moon is coming. Cleanse your spirit. Breathe,” Frejo wrote.

So, to sum it up — the Native American protesters were standing with open bigots against children that they thought might possibly be bigots because of their hats. Seems reasonable.

Media Narrative of “Catholic MAGA high schoolers mob Native American elder” doesn’t hold up to video scrutiny

Twitter mob launched against teens by celebrities encouraging doxing and assault against minors

The internet blew up over a (as it turns out) heavily-edited clip of white male Catholic March for Life high schoolers apparently taunting, mocking, and otherwise behaving badly toward a Native American elder.  Even many on the right condemned the MAGA hat-wearing boys for their perceived vile behavior.

The problem?  We didn’t get the whole story, and many people, including those on the left, are now expressing their regret at jumping too readily to condemn these boys.  As it turns out and in the true spirit of “unexpectedly,” there is much more to this story than we were first treated to in the initial reports.

Media Frenzy. As first released, the video did look damning, and the leftstream media was in hog heaven berating the young men involved.  They did so largely as a vehicle for condemning President Trump, the right, pro-life people, and Catholics—many of the left’s boogeymen, in other words, so they had a lot at stake in this narrative and apparently didn’t bother to find out the whole story before running with it.

The New York Times:  “Viral Video Shows Boys in ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats Surround Native Elder” CNN:  “Teens in Make America Great Again hats taunted a Native American elder at the Lincoln Memorial” The Washington Post: “‘It was getting ugly’: Native American drummer speaks on the MAGA-hat-wearing teens who surrounded him”

Variety:  “MAGA Hat-Wearing Teens Harassing Native American Elder Spark Condemnation From Hollywood” The list goes on.  And on. But you get the picture, these are teens who support Trump by wearing MAGA hats, so they must be bad and ill-intentioned, they must be evil. This led to high profile celebrities encouraging retaliation against the teens:

First the Fury, Then the Facts. And yet. The full story has given a lot of people on the left and right pause.  Maybe these kids weren’t the bullies but were, instead, the pawns of activist bullies attempting to leverage them into the role of political pawns.  Pawns played by the left to undermine not only President Trump but every right-leaning conservative person in the country.

If this hateful display against a Native American is conservatism, we—and they—know, we don’t support it.  Don’t kid yourselves, the progressives in power, the elite, know we are not racists or xenophobes or pretty much anything else they accuse us of being.  They just play that hard for their increasingly under-educated base in order to win elections.  Democrats count on widespread ignorance, and the dumber the citizenry, the better.

Ultimately, we are not racists, nor are we disrespectful or given to unruly, unlawful, and immoral displays.  Because of this, the video didn’t strike the authentic chord with me.  Something didn’t add up here, and I just didn’t buy it.

Sure enough, after the internet blew up and the news media hammered these boys, the truth finally emerged.

Video Analysis

One of the best articles thus far about the incident was written by Rod Dreher for The American Conservative.  Dreher is Irish and explains how he experienced this story from abroad.

Good morning from Dublin. It is really interesting to observe US public controversies from outside the American bubble. I am startled by the massive controversy that has erupted over the Covington (KY) Catholic school boys and the Native American man, Nathan Phillips, in the aftermath of the March For Life. Several video clips of the confrontation between an elder of the Omaha tribe and a large group of Catholic high school boys wearing MAGA hats have gone viral.

A selected part of the clip shows boys jumping and hooting and acting in a somewhat intimidating way towards the older man, as if to mock him. Some people interpret the boy standing in front of the man, the kid with a rictus grin, as sneering at the old man. Others say that you can’t assume that was a sneer; maybe the kid just didn’t know what to do.

In any case, the Catholic school has apologized for its students’ action, and the mayor of their hometown has denounced them. The boys were in town for the March For Life. The video is being widely cited as an example of the Trumpification of Christianity, and connected to the Karen Pence school controversy as yet another example of why conservative Christianity is an evil that must be driven from the precincts of the decent.

It is possible that the Catholic boys were complete asses. My initial judgment was that they certainly were that. You don’t treat a peaceful elderly person like this. Even if they thought he was wrong, those boys owed him respect. Yes, the old man approached them, but they could and should have handled him with respect. They come off as bullies.

Indeed, the boys do come off as bullies in the initial clip, but when more context is added by subsequent video clips, it’s hard to retain that stance.

Dreher continues:

And, in it, one of the Indians with Phillips shouts: “White people, go back to Europe. This is not your land.” He curses the students with f-bombs (video is NSFW). He goes on: “You’re being a white man about it. That’s all you know how to do.”

You didn’t see that in the news reporting, did you?

Then, at the 4:40 mark, members of an insane black radical cult called the Black Hebrews (I remember them from my DC days) starts ranting at the boys about whites and sodomy, and says that “your president is a homosexual.” He makes fun of Christian civilization, saying: “You give faggots rights!”

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