Thursday, September 13 2018

Revolving Door Revealed: Dozens of Clinton Staffers Hired by Google — and Vice-Versa

Written by Charlie Nash

Dozens of people who used to work for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and a number of Clinton initiatives went on to work at Google, and vice-versa.

At least twelve employees from the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative went on to work for Google, while at least fifteen Google employees went on to work for Hillary For America. The list was originally developed by Adam Townsend on Twitter.

Pls look at thread and behold #Google “we’re the good, evil company” This list is employees of Google & Groundworks (goog co built to help HRC elex) that have been swapped in/out of Dept of State/ #Clinton Foundation/ #Hillary Prez campaign/New America (dem org)

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