Hillary Clinton, Steven Spielberg to Produce Women's Voting Rights Drama

Written by Joshua Caplan | Source: Breitbart | August 01, 2018 12:16 PM

Hillary Clinton and Steven Spielberg are joining forces to bring Elaine Weiss’ The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote to television.

Amblin TV, the television production division of Spielberg’s Amblin Partners, has named Clinton as an executive producer of the project, with talks still ongoing as to whether to turn the critically acclaimed book into a series or TV movie. Reports say Netflix, Amazon, Apple and HBO are among the online stream and premium cable networks that Amblin TV will pitch the project to.

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

The book, published in March, follows the activists who led the decades-long fight to grant women the right to vote and sheds light on how close the battle to ratify the 19th Amendment really was.


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