Wednesday, December 31 1969

Risky Move: CNN's Berman Suggests Trump's North Korea Strategy Worked

Written by P.J. Gladnick

Remember all the recent caterwauling about President Donald Trump's policy towards North Korea in the mainstream media in general and at CNN in particular? Folks like the reliably ridiculous Chris Cillizza slammed a Trump tweet about "locked and loaded" as inflamatory because many people supposedly would not read the rest of the tweet which puts that term in context.

Other usual CNN suspects such as Fareed Zakaria denounced Trump for supposedly mishandling the North Korea situation.

Therefore it was quite surprising to see that the co-host of CNN's Newsroom, John Berman, appears to have given Trump credit for the fact that North Korea seems to have blinked during an interview today with CNN's military analyst, General Mark Hertling:

JOHN BERMAN: Obviously over the last 10 days there’s been a whole lot of analysis about what President Trump had said, the U.S. locked and loaded to go after the North Korean regime. He was criticized for those comments on some fronts, but since he said them, China has issued new stronger sanctions than before on many North Korean imports. And as you just put it, or I put it and you agreed, Kim Jong-un blinked and backed off some of his threats.

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