Wednesday, December 31 1969

Lib Media Push Poll Backing Kaepernick Doesn't Go As Well As Expected

Written by Jay Maxson

Earlier this week, the Undefeated blogsite conducted a push poll on Colin Kaepernick disguised as a man-on-the-street interview, and it didn't go as well as the libs had hoped. The ESPN affiliate is backing Kaepernick's anti-American protests 100 percent and obviously hoped to use random people to support its cause.

An interviewer for The Undefeated asked people if Kaepernick is being blackballed and if they plan to boycott the NFL until he gets signed by a team. The results were underwhelming, as the interviewer only got one person to say the word blackball. The video was only two-and-a-half minutes long, indicative of how few people The Undefeated found to support its agenda. The interviewer likely expected to run up the score in liberal Washington, D.C., but that's not what happened." The one person who claimed blackballing said:

A lot of them brothers is with him but they afraid of their contracts and their salaries and they might get blackballed, too. But a lot of them pullin' with him, too. Go, Kap. I'm with ya.

Another Black man complained that Jay Cutler -- "one of the worst quarterbacks in the league" -- got signed by Miami, but Kaepernick is still unsigned. He called it "collusion.

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