Wednesday, December 31 1969

ABC Pushes Possible Pence Run in 2020 Despite Official Statement

Written by Nicholas Fondacaro

Over the weekend, The New York Times claimed in an article that Vice President Mike Pence was running a “shadow campaign for 2020,” which brought a scathing rebuke from Pence and President Trump.

But despite the denials from the White House, ABC’s World News Tonight ran an entire segment about the idea, laying out the evidence and only briefly mentioning the Vice President’s reaction. And they were the only network in the Big Three (ABC, CBS, and NBC) to give the non-story any significant time.

We turn now to President Trump lashing out tonight after a report in The New York Times suggesting Vice President Mike Pence might be getting ready to run for president himself in 2020,” hyped sensationalist Anchor David Muir. “The report points to among other things, the many trips Pence has made in just the first 200 days in office.

The network’s Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl started off his report by mocking how angry President Trump got on Twitter after reporters incessantly called his New Jersey stay a vacation. “But that isn't all President Trump's tweeting about,” Karl quipped.

He's upset with The New York Times, apparently, about this report suggesting that fellow Republicans and possibly even his own Vice President are positioning themselves to run for president in 2020 if Trump himself does not run,” he reported.

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