Wednesday, December 31 1969

Sharpton Panel on MSNBC Frets Over Trump 'Killing the Dream' of Martin Luther King

Written by Brad Wilmouth

On Sunday's PoliticsNation on MSNBC, as Al Sharpton presided over a discussion of an upcoming march to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.'s role in the Civil Rights Movement, the MSNBC host fretted that President Donald Trump is "killing the dream" after one of the guests claimed that MLK Jr.

's "dream" had become a "nightmare" for many.

Rabbi Jonah Pesner of the leftist Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism complained about "mass incarceration" and "voter suppression" as he commented:

We will be marching and praying with our legs because this is not a nostalgia march, right, we are marching to protect and defend the dream, which for too many people has become a nightmare with mass incarceration, with voter suppression, with people afraid of losing their health care benefits. So it's important that we march -- but that we march for the dream getting protected for the future, not just nostalgia for the past.

Host Sharpton then dismissed President Trump's decision to keep a bust of Martin Luther King in the Oval Office as he responded:

It is not a nostalgia march because we saw when President Trump came into office, President Obama put the bust of Dr.

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