Wednesday, December 31 1969

Liberal Pollster Smears West Virginians As 'Close-Minded,' 'Easily Misled'

Written by Tom Blumer

Longtime liberal pollster Stuart Rothenberg apparently had a hard time handling President Donald Trump's visit to West Virginia on Thursday. During that visit, Mountain State Governor Jim Justice officially announced his switch to the Republican Party, thereby consolidating full GOP control over the executive and legislative branches in that state, and bringing the total number of Republican U.S.

governors to 35.

Reacting to Trump's visit and this stunning news, which further confirms how the Democratic Party has lost touch with working people and Middle America in general, Rothenberg published two of the most condescending and insulting tweets one will ever see directed at an entire state's population.

Here they are (direct links are here and here; at the time this post was drafted, they were still present, almost a full day after they were published; H/T Twitchy via Instapundit):

Well now.

Many West Virginians are indeed having a harder time supporting themselves. That's not a character flaw. Instead, it is a direct and deliberate result of the Obama administration's war on coal.

The Media Research Center produced Collateral Damage: Forgotten Casualties of the Left’s War on Coal, a moving documentary film on that very topic in November 2016 (trailer here; complete film here).

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