Wednesday, December 31 1969

Michael Moore Argues Dem Celebrity Would Win in 2020 Because 'Celebs on Our Side Are Smart'

Written by Kristine Marsh

After bashing Trump adviser Stephen Miller as a racist for defending immigration reform, then bashing the state of Missouri for their recently passed “racist” law that protects businesses from unfounded lawsuits, the View crew had still more ill-informed hot takes to give on Thursday’s show.

Equally as loony liberal activist Michael Moore was today’s guest, and he fit right in with most of the panel’s hatred for the right and for Trump.

The discussion with Moore began with Behar remarking that Moore had accurately predicted Trump would win the election, in Summer of 2016.

Moore surprisingly didn’t blame Russia or Comey for Clinton losing, but blamed her advisers for taking her away from campaigning in states like Michigan and Wisconsin.

“We tried to get the Clinton campaign to spend more time in Michigan and Wisconsin and I said on the show he was going to win Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Not that I wanted but I'm trying to warn people,” Moore stated.

“They didn't listen,” Joy Behar said.

But Moore quickly reverted back to the Democratic standby, that the electoral college was to blame, and it needed to be abolished.

After ranting about that for a while with Behar, host Sunny Hostin asked Moore what he thought the strategy should be for the next election.

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