House GOP Takes DRASTIC Action Just Days Before Steve Bannon Set To Head To Prison

By Maria Angelino | Wednesday, 19 June 2024 12:00 PM
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Image Credit : Photo by John Smith for The San Diego Union-Tribune

In a bold move, GOP Representatives Eric Burlison, Thomas Massie, and other House GOP members have joined forces to sponsor a resolution aimed at rescinding the subpoenas issued by the January 6 committee against Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino, and Peter Navarro.

This move would also effectively erase the contempt of Congress convictions, as without the subpoenas, there would be no basis for contempt. As reported by The Post Millennial, Bannon is slated to commence his 4-month prison term on July 1.

Representative Burlison, in a press statement, emphasized the urgency of the House of Representatives to rectify the damage inflicted by the January 6th Committee. "It is past time for the House of Representatives to take action to begin undoing the harm that was caused by the illegitimate January 6th Committee," he said. "This is the right thing to do, and I hope all members of the House will join me in this effort." The resolution's primary objective is to revoke "the subpoenas issued by the January 6th Select Committee on September 23, 2021, October 6, 2021, and February 9, 2022, and withdrawing the recommendations finding Stephen K. Bannon, Mark Randall Meadows, Daniel Scavino, Jr., and Peter K. Navarro in contempt of Congress."

The resolution, as per the document, is rooted in several reasons, one of which is the belief that the subpoenas were a "solely partisan exercise determined to vilify President Trump and his advisors for the January 6th breach of the U.S. Capitol." The committee included only two Republicans, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, neither of whom enjoyed widespread GOP support. Nancy Pelosi declined to seat those recommended by then-House Speaker McCarthy. The resolution also criticizes the committee report for being flawed and for operating without a ranking minority leader, a customary practice in congressional committees.


The resolution concludes with a strong statement, "There therefore, be it resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol was illegitimate, that the conclusions and findings presented were predetermined due to the committee’s partisan nature, and that the courts should set aside any convictions or commute any sentences stemming from contempt reports issued by the Select Committee.” Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, a cosponsor of the resolution, voiced her support, stating, "I fully support and am co-sponsoring Rep. Thomas Massie’s resolution to rescind the subpoenas for Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro by repudiating Nancy Pelosi’s illegitimate J6 committee. Nancy Pelosi violated House rules by refusing to accept McCarthy’s appointed Republicans on the committee. Now, our Republican-led House must nullify any actions taken by the illegitimate J6 committee." She further urged that the J6 Committee members be held accountable for the destruction of the committee’s records, and called for House Republicans to take action.


According to Burlison's post last week announcing the resolution, those who pledged to cosponsor the resolution include GOP Representatives Andy Biggs, Thomas Massie, Chip Roy, Andy Ogles, Andrew Clyde, Paul Gosar, Bob Good, Diana Harshbarger, Lauren Bobert, Anna Paulina Luna, Eli Crane, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Banks, Michael Cloud, Dan Bishop, and Scott Perry.

Bannon, who was initially sentenced to four months in October 2022 for defying the subpoena issued by the J6 committee, is due to report to prison on July 1. Despite his appeal, the court upheld the conviction in May.