Princeton Scholar Makes Bold Prediction Of An Unexpected Factor That Could Swing The Senate Race (VIDEO)

By Maria Angelino | Tuesday, 28 May 2024 12:00 PM
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Princeton research scholar Lauren Wright recently shared her insights on Fox News regarding the potential outcome of the Senate race between Republican candidate Kari Lake and her Democratic counterpart, Ruben Gallego.

Wright suggested that the controversial figures of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden could negatively impact the chances of their respective party's candidates.

"Both candidates are a drag on these Senate races because they're very controversial to swing voters who are very mad at Biden over the economy, over immigration, over crime," Wright stated. She further elaborated on the lingering discontent among some voters towards Trump, saying, "And they're still not back with Trump from their vote in 2016 because, of course, he lost in 2020, and he's continued to alienate some swing voters with his positions on abortion and all of this legal trouble and making the election about himself."

Wright also highlighted the trend of Republican parties nominating candidates who align with Trump's ideologies, which she described as "more extreme than the state is."


Fox News host Mollie Line questioned Wright on which presidential candidate posed a greater threat to statewide candidates. Wright responded by pointing out the unique situation in Maryland, where former Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD), despite his differences with Trump, had an "exciting" chance to win his Senate race.


However, Wright expressed concern over the situation in Arizona, where Kari Lake continues to deny the 2020 election results. "She'll very likely be the nominee. And that's maybe a state that Democrats will end up getting," Wright said. She concluded by suggesting that Republicans could have won the state in any other election year with a different candidate leading the ticket.